Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm in Uganda!!!
All of our luggage didn't make it here yet, so we are waiting on it. 3 days of traveling is extremely exhausting, I didn't sleep very well on any of the 3 plane rides, saw a bunch of movies, but never really finished any of them becacuse I'd fall asleep for a half hour or so.
But anyways, let me tell you, Uganda is absolutely gorgeous! =) I'll be putting up pictures very very soon. I miss all of you! Just ate some fresh pinapple (it tastes different) and driving from the airport to Kampala is crazy, the roads are better than they used to be I've been told, they're paved, but theres pretty much no rules, and not a single traffic light, I was a bit scared a few times, but it's kind of fun.
The internet is slow, so I'll try to update as much as possible.


Anonymous said...

"Kaitlin In Africa"?! You are too cute!! Hey, I'm glad you finally made it! All that planning....

I know you'll be a blessing to your new friends in Uganda; you sure are a blessing to us!!

Love you, kiddo!

XO, Mrs D

Jrtusa3 said...

Kia made it safely to Uganda _Go Kia Go.

Deanna!! said...

KAITLIN!!! I'm so excited for you!!! And I like the KIA in africa thing. Clever clever. Don't forget to try and find the big dipper!! And if you see orion.. I'm seriously going to be confused.

Lauren said...

YES FIND THE BIG DIPPER HAHA!!!!! I am glad you finally got your luggage (I talked to your momma hehe) That is crazy no stop lights haha! The pictures are beautiful!!! :) Love you Kait Kait!!!

Love Lo Lo!