Monday, June 30, 2008

A bit of an accident

So on Saturday we were heading back from the safari and when we got into Kampala the traffic is horrendous, lots of bumps and pot holes. I was sitting in the back of the bus where the ceiling is a bit lower, and we hit either a pot hole or speed bump and everyone flew into the air, and I flew and hit the ceiling HARD and then came back down and hit the seat HARD. I couldn't talk or anything because the wind was knocked out of me, and my ipod and hat flew off. I guess I asked for help and they stopped the bus, and I was panicking because I knew something was wrong, I have never felt pain like that before. It took about an hour or so to get an ambulance to escort us to the hospital, we were still driving VERY slowly in the bus so we'd be as close as possible to the hospital. I was taken in for x-rays, and everything looked fine. They said I have severe whiplash and will be sore for quite a few days. I was in the intensive care unit for the night, Renata stayed with me thank god, and I was released the next morning. I guess I needed to get the full experience of Uganda while I was here! haha.

I am okay, I PROMISE. Just a little sore. We have a few days until team 3 gets here so I'll be resting as much as possible.

I wanted to say thanks to team two for everything they did that day for me! I'm so sorry I didn't get to send you off, I hope you have safe travels back home, I love all of you and miss you already, it was great getting to know every single one of you!

Oh and P.S. I love how I've been on six boda boda rides and never got hurt, and I get hurt on the bus.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Children in Namyoya

So proud of their artwork!!!

All the children getting ready to draw.

Waving to the camera!

The teachers loved the ribbon pens!

Inside the nicely painted church.

Namyoya church with concrete floors and painted walls!

Drawing with the children.

We did some arts and crafts with the school children in Namyoya! They loved it!

Me and two little girls drawing.

School children drawing pictures.

Look at all this art work!!!

The school children.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Even more photographs!

The well in Namyoya! It's working now!

My brother Hussan and me! This is the community facilitator that my family sponsors, and he kept introducing me to everyone as his sister! I have family in Uganda too!

Jerome and Bosco acting like brothers! Jerome is GFR's accountant, and Bosco is the communication liaison between the Uganda and the USA

This is the church in Namyoya! They've gotten so far, they have a roof, cement floors, plaster on the walls inside, almost done with the outside plaster, and the inside is getting painted light yellow!

Pastor Davids house!

Little boy on stilts in Fort Portal! He was so good at this

The primary school in Kamwenge.

The little children ran out to our bus greeting us with palm leaves. They were absolutely adorable.

Passing out stickers to the children! (thanks to the Downen Family!)

Kamwenge is beautiful!

This little girl carried the guitar all the way from the school back to the church for us, such a sweetheart, all the children here are.

Oweno Market!

This is Oweno market, its absolutely nuts how crowded it is there.

This is Kibale forest, and team two.

The sewing room Parents Concern use to team vocational skills to women.

The kids loved these balloons!!! =)

The family with the balloons!

School children in Namyoya

Waving to the camera!

Friday, June 20, 2008


My old soccer ball! The kids loved it!

Playing with the balloons!

I love these kids!!!

Playing football with the boys!!!

She has the best smile.

Being shy.

There's that smile!

Waving goodbye to the mzungus!

Punching balloons! Thanks to the Downen's, the kids loved them! Oh and p.s. Downen Family, Kaitlin is a hard name for the people in Uganda to say, so it ends up sounding like Kaitrin! I guess rachey was just getting me used to it all those years ago!

Lake Victoria, paradise huh?

Lake Victoria, and Kenyan mountains in the background

Lake Victoria in the morning.

Lake Victoria at night.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Photographs! =)

Me and my sponsored sister Gertrude!

Murchison Falls!

Murchison Falls!

Helping the children shell the beans.

They made me take a pk, and of course I missed :(

Tooro High School vs. GFR

Team GFR actually scored!!!