Monday, August 25, 2008

Boy do I miss it.

I fell in love with Uganda this summer, with the country and oh man with the people. Here is my Ugandan family, Mummy Idah, my sister Michelle and Renata, and my older brother Jerome (Bosco too!) We became a family this summer and they were really great. (Don't worry my family at home! I love you just as much, and I miss you right now too!) I've been asked numerous times how Uganda was, and that question has been so difficult to answer. Uganda was AMAZING, but that simple word doesn't give it any justice. I wish everyone could go there, and experience a summer like I had.

Goodbyes at Entebbe International Airport

Mummy Idah! She is absolutely wonderful!

Bye to Jerome =(

Dance party, Uganda style!

I wanted to update everyone and let them know how I'm doing right now. I think everyone knows that I was in a bus accident in Uganda. I spent the night in the ICU at Kampala International Hospital and was released the next day with papers simply saying I had severe whiplash and was given some meds and a neck brace. That was June 29th, 2008. I continued to stay in Uganda until July 10, 2008, I decided to leave a few days early because my back was still in pain from the accident. I traveled for the first time by myself back home with relative ease, and was ecstatic to finally see my parents after 6 and a half weeks. I ended up going to the doctor the Monday I got back, just to see why my back was still in pain, and got new x-rays since the ones I brought back from Uganda weren't clear enough. They saw an abnormality on my spine and told us to set up an appointment with a spinal doctor. We went that Friday, and the doctor came in after seeing the x-rays and told me I fractured my T-9 (middle of my back). It was compressed a 1/4 of a inch from the impact of the accident. Let me tell you I was a bit shocked. I am okay, I still have pain, but usually it's not too bad, some days or worse then others but it feels like it's getting better as of today. I'm currently at ISU and classes started last week, and I'm already feeling overwhelmed, and anxious for the summer to come so I can be in Uganda again. All things willing!

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woman... shut up
You know you are going to Uganda next summer no questions asked.