Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Safari Time

Me and Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls

Team 1 before the Nile boat ride

We were there.

Beautiful sunrise over the Nile River

Murchison Falls from the Nile boat ride

The hippo was right outside some of the rooms at the resort!

After we spent the night in Gulu, we headed to the Paraa Safari Lodge. While driving to the lodge we saw so many animals. A lot of deer like animals ( I cant think of the correct name) , water buffalo and giraffes. We got to the resort about an hour and half after entering the park, and the resort faces the Nile River! I never thought I'd ever get to see the Nile River, let alone take a boat ride on the Nile! The boat ride was wonderful, we saw a lot of hippos, crocodiles, different kinds of birds, water buffulo, and even an elephant from far away. The boat ride takes you the bottom of Murchison Falls, which is absolutely gorgeous, and extremely powerful. We drove up to the top of the falls to, and that was so stunning. The safari was a lot of fun too. Its exciting to see animals in their natural habitat, and not in a zoo! The whole time at the lodge was great, and very relaxing, and the food was really great too!

Team 1 left Sunday night, and it was really hard to see them go! They were such a great team, and it was great to get to know everyone. Team 2 gets here tomorrow! =)


Lauren~ Lo Lo :) said...

OMG HIPPOS and GIRAFFES! OMG! Kaitlin these pictures are beautiful!!!! :) I wish I were there with you :(

Alex Reside said...

i wanna go here!