Friday, June 20, 2008


My old soccer ball! The kids loved it!

Playing with the balloons!

I love these kids!!!

Playing football with the boys!!!

She has the best smile.

Being shy.

There's that smile!

Waving goodbye to the mzungus!

Punching balloons! Thanks to the Downen's, the kids loved them! Oh and p.s. Downen Family, Kaitlin is a hard name for the people in Uganda to say, so it ends up sounding like Kaitrin! I guess rachey was just getting me used to it all those years ago!

Lake Victoria, paradise huh?

Lake Victoria, and Kenyan mountains in the background

Lake Victoria in the morning.

Lake Victoria at night.


Deborah Benjamin said...

I love reading your blog. I hope that you are enjoying your time. I will continue praying for you guys.

LO LO! said...


Miss you LOTS!!!

You guys are doing a great job!!! :)