Monday, June 30, 2008

A bit of an accident

So on Saturday we were heading back from the safari and when we got into Kampala the traffic is horrendous, lots of bumps and pot holes. I was sitting in the back of the bus where the ceiling is a bit lower, and we hit either a pot hole or speed bump and everyone flew into the air, and I flew and hit the ceiling HARD and then came back down and hit the seat HARD. I couldn't talk or anything because the wind was knocked out of me, and my ipod and hat flew off. I guess I asked for help and they stopped the bus, and I was panicking because I knew something was wrong, I have never felt pain like that before. It took about an hour or so to get an ambulance to escort us to the hospital, we were still driving VERY slowly in the bus so we'd be as close as possible to the hospital. I was taken in for x-rays, and everything looked fine. They said I have severe whiplash and will be sore for quite a few days. I was in the intensive care unit for the night, Renata stayed with me thank god, and I was released the next morning. I guess I needed to get the full experience of Uganda while I was here! haha.

I am okay, I PROMISE. Just a little sore. We have a few days until team 3 gets here so I'll be resting as much as possible.

I wanted to say thanks to team two for everything they did that day for me! I'm so sorry I didn't get to send you off, I hope you have safe travels back home, I love all of you and miss you already, it was great getting to know every single one of you!

Oh and P.S. I love how I've been on six boda boda rides and never got hurt, and I get hurt on the bus.


Daniel said...

Hey Kaitlin, I just checked in here, via your facebook. Just wanted to say how encouraged I am about what you are doing. I love seeing your passion for people and your interest in our shared humanity. Its great to see. Thanks for the encouragement. I hope God blesses you as you continue to serve and love others, and as you remember that that is only possible because He loves us first and infinitely. Glad your head is ok.

Dan Stumpf

Anonymous said...

Funny Thing-- I was compelled to pray for your safety on Sunday. that hasn't happened before. Maybe God was just giving us a "heads up" (as in look to heaven!). You need to wear your old bike helmet. Geez, don't scare us like that again!!!
Love You,
PS How's the IPod????

Dan-the-Man said...

Thank God you are OK!

Dan-the-Man said...

Thank God you are OK

dan the man said...

Thank God you are OK!

Luke and Gene said...

Glad you are still feeling better Kaitlin. Enjoy your last two weeks there. I hope you all continue a great experience in Uganda. Tell everyone there Luke and I already miss them all!!


Lauren~ Lo Lo :) said...

I am glad you are okay Kait Kait :) soooo thankful :)
Keep saving the world....after you are all rested my love!

JaimieinUganda...again said...

Glad you are ok! So sorry we didnt get to sy goodbye and thanks for everything! It was great getting to know you and hopefully I will see you at church and in Africa agian next summer! Love ya girlie and blessings... tell the team hello for me!

Lee said...

BODAS ARE THE WAY TO TRAVEL! Think of how much faster you would of gotten home only if you boda'd. Next you will not hesitate to get on one with me

Katelin #1 said...

I'm SO GLAD you're okay, and so thankful you weren't seriously injured.
sorry this is my first time on this this week. i hope you enjoy the rest of ur adventure.
keep saving the world!
tell those roads to be nicer!