Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Gifts wrapped!

Gifts unwrapped!

The Tooro High School choir

Henry and Idah, and the sign made by Tooro High School

They greeted us with singing and a dance!

Mary and Gertrude in her new dress.

The whole family, Mary, Lestidia, Grace, Henry and Gertrude.

Hassan, the community facilitator

In front of their house.

Mary holding a picture of me and my parents.

Mary and I standing in front of the maze she planted.

Me and the family.

Their house

A bunch of people from the community came to see the presentation they had for us.

Family with the gifts!

A little boy looking through the fence at Tooro high school

Baboon that was on the road!

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Angela said...

hey kaitlin!! it's really great to see pics and read about what you're doing! have fun girl :)