Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kira Village Day 1

Passing Bricks from the road to where the house is going to be.

Carrying sand from the road to the house. Violet is holding my hand.

The water hole. It's about a mile walk, and the jugs weigh about 40 pounds when filled with water, and all they get is very dirty water.

The children are so strong!

Violet being so serious all day.

Idah, Me, and the widow,

The children and me, they love the camera

The children learning to use my camera.

A little girl eating sugar cane

Little boy being so serious

Little girl carrying a baby on her back.

Eating at I love New York Kampala. We have a great team!

We went to a village Kira today and helped build a house for a widow,Nalwango who is taking care of 17 orphans, only 2 actually her own. We passed bricks from the road to the where the house needed to be built, and also carried the sand from the road to the house. The children are adorable, this one little girl violet was so serious the whole time, she didnt want to smile, at all. She started to hold my hand while I carried sand over to the house, and for the rest of the day she didn't let go. She still never really smiled at all, except once, when I was taking a picture of her, and her friends were tickling her.
We went to help the children get water, and it was about a mile walk, and the jug was 5 gallons and it weighs 40 pounds when full with water. I carried for about 4 minutes, and couldn't carry any farther. All the kids were getting a kick out of it and just giggling the whole time watching the tall mzungu (white person) trying to carry this jug. Finally one of the girls maybe 14 years old easily lifted the jug, and put it on her head. I couldn't even get it onto my shoulder. The water was absolutely disgusting. The water was so dirty, and all brown. YUCK!
The kids LOVED to get their picture taken, and loved to see themselves in the screen, they laughed everytime.


Anonymous said...

Great job Kaitlin! It is so exciting to see you in the photos. Keep up the great work.

Love ya!


Lauren~ Lo Lo :) said...

Aw I see Violet now!

By the end of the trip you will be strong and be able to carry those water jugs hehe! ;)

Anonymous said...


Your Photography class has come in handy! OUTSTANDING pictues!
How are the suckers and soccer balls going over with the kids?

Love you and think of you often--
Mrs. D (and all the other D's)